Cylindrical Grinding 

We offer cylindrical grinding as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with the chrome plating. We regularly grind shafts, rolls, mixers, feed screws, hydraulic cylinder rods etc. Final grinding tends to be more accurate than turning, offers finer surface finishing and better concentricity. Also, chrome plate cannot be turned as it is too hard. 

As abrasives have evolved, we are finding that better surface finishes can be reproduced on component parts with improved accuracy. The surface finish improvement is more notable on hard chrome. 
New shafts, rolls, piston rods etc will be manufactured with an amount of material left on to accommodate a pre-grinding process. This enables us to achieve a suitable pre-chrome finish and to ensure that all critical diameters are concentric. It also enables us to achieve a uniform deposit of chrome plate after the final grind process. 
We generally produce surface finishes of around 0.2µm on final grinding of chrome plated components and 0.4µm on steel components. Finer finishes are available where required. The chrome plated components tend to finish grind with finer surface finishes purely due to the hardness of the coating. The harder the material, the shallower the scratch pattern transferred from the abrasive wheel to the surface of the component. 
Finer surface finishes are beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, some calendar rolls are used for metering the thickness of plastic sheeting whilst still in the plasticised state. These tend to transfer their surface finish onto the hot plastic. Therefore, the roll surface finish is directly relative to the plastic surface finish. Hydraulic piston rods benefit from a finer surface finish as this will prolong the life of the seals used in the cylinder assembly. 
All surface finish requirements will be finalised with the customer prior to completion. 
Capacity of up to 6400mm in length and 1000mm in diameter. Weight limited to 10 tonnes. 
The larger machine has an integral 1000mm 4 jaw fixed chuck suitable for ring grinding and any awkward items not suited for centre grinding. 
Side grinding offered for end faces of shafts and rings either plain, welded or chromed. 
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