We offer straighten of shafts up to 160mm diameter (estimated and dependant on material tensile strength) and 3500mm length. This is beneficial when repairing used hydraulic shafts as they are sometimes over intensified during use causing the main diameter to flex. This reduces the amount of material to be removed to re-gain concentricity on pre-grinding prior to chrome. 
It is also suitable for straightening new shafts that have flexed during machining due to inerrant stresses involved during the turning process. 
The press we have has been bespoke made in house to accommodate our own requirements and has a 75-tonne hydraulic unit at its work head. 
We offer this service as part of the repair process, for new rods prior to pre-grind and chrome, grind only shafts that have deflected during manufacture or as a stand-alone process. 
Please get in touch if you have any requirement for straightening. If it is outside of our capabilities, then we may be able to advise an alternative. 
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