We offer a range of finishes to our chrome plating. Mirror, satin, matt, ground or a vat finish (no post chrome plating processing). The mirror finishes are more non-stick than the duller finishes as there is less surface area for viscous materials to try to take hold. Mixing machines also tend to benefit from a higher-grade surface finish as this will aid in the material flow, increasing productivity. 

The pre-chrome polishing is a critical stage in our process. This is for removing machining marks, scratches etc and enabling us to closely inspect the surface for defects. Any defects not dealt with will be exaggerated during the plating process therefore must be found and removed. Once an item is chrome plated, we can then concentrate on the final surface finish. This will be determined by a few factors: 
Customers specific requirements 
The application that the item will be used for 
The type of materials coming into direct contact with the component 
Sometimes, if a certain part of a new machine is on view it may be highly polished purely for a cosmetic purpose even if the application doesn’t directly require that level of finishing. 
We are quite flexible and will work with the customer to whatever standards they require where possible. 
Our polishing capacity mirrors our plating capacities (7.9 metres long & 1500mm diameter). 
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