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Hard industrial chrome plating for the rubber, plastics and hydraulics industry

Reddish Electroplating started trading in an industrial area of Stockport called Reddish. (Hence the company name)

The original company consisted of Mr Samuel Hanks (the current chairman) and two other employees. The field of work undertaken was polishing and hard chrome plating of injection mould tools.

By 1974 we had expanded into the rubber and plastic processing market. The work undertaken was chrome plating and polishing mixing machinery parts such as rotors, feed-screws and many other component parts. Our customers in this field included various tyre manufacturers and mixing machinery suppliers. The workforce had also increased to 6 to cope with customer demands.

In the mid 1980’s we had begun to encroach into the hydraulic refurbishment market. This was mainly repairing hydraulic units for the coal, steel and rail industries. It was due to this additional field that we finally out grew our site in Reddish and re-located to much larger premises in Portwood, Stockport.
With our greatly increased capacity we invested in several cylindrical grinding machines enabling us to eliminate a large part of our sub-contracting and keep a tighter control on delivery schedules.

We now have a vast wealth of knowledge in the mixing, extrusion, moulding and hydraulics industries. Where possible we will be more than happy to provide site visits for quotation and technical advice.

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